World’s Best Lasagna

It doesn't have to be pretty, just delicious!
It doesn’t have to be pretty, just delicious!

I found this recipe on All Recipes(of course) and seeing it had over 3,000 reviews I decided it was lasagna time. I gathered the ingredients, which looks like more than it is and got to work! The result? Truly the best damn lasagna I’ve ever had. Cheesy, meaty, saucy, gooey and so full of flavor. I can’t wait to dig into the leftovers sitting the fridge. So avoid buying a prepacked old and frozen lasagna… whip out your 9X13 pan, a large sauce pan or dutch oven, and 3 hours of time and make the World’s Best Lasagna! Continue reading “World’s Best Lasagna”


Oooo spooky! This is my pumpkin I carved for Halloween of course. Cutting it close, as always! It’s a very mean Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas. The cool thing about pumpkin carving is it can be a crafting AND a cooking project in one! After my boyfriend expertly gutted Jack’s head for me, he went about prepping the seeds for cooking while I put a smile on that face! I love pumpkin seeds for a salty crunchy treat and you should too! Here’s how we make ours so they’re salty through and through. Continue reading “PUNKINS”

Lettuce pun here

Ze lovely green leaf lettuce

Do you like salads? I love them. I used to eat them so much you’d swear I must have been part rabbit as a kid. For a while I’d been buying those bagged salad mixes, which are nice for the lazy people like me, but within the last year I’d noticed a drop in quality of them. Almost every single bag I’d pick up had brown or rust colored nastiness inside or if it didn’t, it’d get it within a day in the fridge. So back to the non-laziness of buying whole heads. Suddenly I realize this is also saving me money! After processing a single head of romaine lettuce, guess what? SAME amount that comes in the Caesar salad kits. Half the price too! Read on for more…
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The Magic Stew of Deliciousness

Oh delicious beefy stew, tis such a shame you look like poo….

As a child and into my teens I had been a VERY picky eater, infuriating my mother to no end. I have since expanded my likes and shrunk my dislikes quite a bit since then, thanks to many friends and just general grownup-ness. Soups and stews are still on my iffy list. It’s usually a texture more than a flavor thing. I’ve always enjoyed a bowl of hot tomato soup (Campbell’s, Yum!) with a gooey grilled cheese sandwich.

Recently I found a beef stew recipe (due to “gentle” prodding from the husband) that we have absolutely fallen in love with. The default is from but I use the suggestions from the comments to make it even more gooder. (English are serious bidness) You can follow the link to get the original or continue reading and I’ll tell you how I do it!
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