Lettuce pun here

Ze lovely green leaf lettuce

Do you like salads? I love them. I used to eat them so much you’d swear I must have been part rabbit as a kid. For a while I’d been buying those bagged salad mixes, which are nice for the lazy people like me, but within the last year I’d noticed a drop in quality of them. Almost every single bag I’d pick up had brown or rust colored nastiness inside or if it didn’t, it’d get it within a day in the fridge. So back to the non-laziness of buying whole heads. Suddenly I realize this is also saving me money! After processing a single head of romaine lettuce, guess what? SAME amount that comes in the Caesar salad kits. Half the price too! Read on for more…

The care and storage of a head of lettuce is not hard, maybe a little wet though. First, try not to buy lettuce if you’re not going to use it within the week. From my experience, it just gets nasty too fast. Fresh and crispy is nom-nom-nominal. Keep it a whole head in the bottom of your fridge or in a drawer for a day or two, then get that sucker out and wash it. Or wash it as soon as you get it home. Below you can see my extremely colorful and detailed washing and storage process.

Oh noes your bottom!
It’s ok… We fluff you up in this lovely colander…
…then onto a refreshing shower.
Nothing wrong with sharing a beach towel, right?
Hope this keeps us warm in the fridge!