Best Cookbook EVER

ULTIMATE COSMIC POWER! Itty bitty counter space.

There’s nothing like having a good cookbook. A source you can trust for recipes aplenty. I found myself in the bookstore the other day, browsing as I do (You can really only ever browse when you have no money…) and found myself in the cookbook section. So many books dazing me with their colorful covers. I’m sure the staff thought I had gone comatose and other customers took wide paths around the drooling mannequin that I was. After a loud gaggle of women passing awoke me from my dream state, I picked up a few books and thumbed through them to see if there was a collection I’d want to purchase.

Alas, the internet has jaded me. Where were the comments, ratings, and search button? How would I know that this recipe would suit me right out of the book? Would it be too spicy, too bland? Do I need to do a little kitchen dance to get the dough to rise properly? After having treated myself to so many delicious meals, how could I force myself to endure possible mediocrity?! So home I headed, empty handed, but happy in knowing the internet can provide me with the foody goodness I seek and all for free.

So that brings me to the best cookbook ever. My laptop. A wifi connection, a place out of harms way in my kitchen and I have a cookbook of thousands of recipes. Not to mention its other abilities to keep you entertained while you cook! Load up YouTube for some funnies or how to ice that cake you’re baking, read the news or fire up Pandora for some music to go with my magic dough dance. And if you have the kitchen demons like I do, throw a little cling wrap over it. As you can see for mine, it’s on the bar ABOVE my working area so it stays fairly clean.

Remember, if it loads web pages, you have the Best Cookbook EVER.