A little Japanese nomnomnom

It doesn’t matter how busy you get, there’s always time for food… cause you kinda need it to live! So here I am, up for air from my busy days to give you a little food. This is a little dish I’ve had for years. After becoming a huge anime nerd in the late 90’s (Go Sailor Moon!), my hobbies led me to become obsessed with Japanese cuisine for a while. Not so much the anime fiend anymore, the craving for things like teriyaki, miso soup, sushi, ramen and more have stayed and branched into other areas like Chinese and most recently, Vietnamese.

But, back to where it started! Being heavily into all things Japanese I jumped at any chance to eat at what had become my favorite restaurant that served giant plates of chicken teriyaki and vegetable tempura. While the main course was delicious in of itself, the little salad I would receive before hand is what woke up my mouth with excitement. Enter Sunomono, or Japanese Cucumber Salad!

Oooo tangy

It’s a tart, tangy and sweet dish with very few ingredients and is good almost any time of the day. Cucumber, vinegar, lemon juice, little sugar and NOM, you have an awesome snack that isn’t half bad for you. Even my mom, who previously disliked cucumbers, likes it. So take that!

So as the weather warms up and we start doing our picnic thing, try out some Sunomono instead of a plain ‘ol salad. It’s nomnomnom.
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